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ready to bear down ... the chicago bears win for the first time on the end of the lockout. good afternoon everyone i am robert jordan and for steve sanders ... >>and i'm dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web ... the lockout ended yesterday when nfl players ratified their new tenure union contract with the league's owners ... >>the lockout last five months and there are serious concerns
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the preseason and even regular season would be in jeopardy at a news conference at halas hall this morning bayer's chairman george metcalf ski mccaskey and kicker robbie gould said they were happy with the new contract and weighed in... the bears will hold their first training camp practice this saturday olivet nazarene university at 3:00 it will be open to the public ... >>the end of a lockout is a victory for the town of bourbonnnais julian crews reports live ... >>this is the summer home for
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the bourbonnnais bears as the locals like to call them but it's much more than football fans everyone's happy to see the beginning of training camp ... crews are unloading equipment for the chicago bears and feverish preparation for friday a day that many in the far south suburban community feared never would come ... >>is the talk of the town the tug of the entire kankakee river valley region the bears are coming back which is more than an opportunity to see alive and a phil trent camp for merchants in bourbonnnais and estimated $1 million will be added to the local economy once training camp is in full swing the locals say there will be bumper-to-bumper traffic on the main track ... >>the bears mean dough for dr.
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doughnuts and other merchants near the university even the students will have opportunities to earn cash and have jobs ... >>for bourbon and parts of kankakee the bears have become a major tourist attraction with visitors eating at local restaurants and staying at local motels in bourbonnnais i'm julian crews for wgn >>a 13 year-old boy in a 20 year-old manner both in the hospital this afternoon after being shot by police in two separate incidents. nancy loo has a live report from chicago police headquarters at 35th and michigan ... >>relatives in these cases are calling for restraint and calling chicago police trigger happy ...
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>>the family of chow banks jr. is filing a complaint with the independent police review authority there borate is in the hospital in critical condition ... >>joe le thanks jr. was shot while on his bicycle has relatives claimed that he was not armed and garfield park where he was shot >>they hit him from the back he didn't have a gun at all ... >>the claims are the same among the relatives of a 13 year-old boy also shot on the west side by police ... jimmell cannon was attending a cousin's birthday party he was armed with a bb gun and he was asked several times to drop the weapon at least one officer opened fire when he refused the boy's family
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also claimed that the boy was unarmed ... >>he's got to put his hands in the air he didn't shoot it doesn't make sense he is a straight a b student i had no problems with my son is just a boy ... >>a weapon was recovered from the scene so far this year police have shot and killed six teen suspected criminals more than all of last year garry mccarthy says that he doesn't want officers to hesitate at the cost of their own lives ... >>the lawyer for norwegian massacres suspect anders breivik says that his client takes all western ideals and values of democracy he is accused of setting off bombs in oslo than shooting dozens of people at a politically of camp on friday.
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76 people killed in those attacks anders britax lawyers said that his client believes that he's at war against muslims and the spread of multiculturalism in europe. he also says that anders predict may be in st. the region police say that other countries are investigating their products claims that he had help with terror cells abroad high level that skilling talks continue in washington today we will break down the differences between the gop and democratic plans next with our political analyst and find out how the survival training he just learned hope this a teen survived a bear attack and alaska ... >>and some popular prescription medications are just about to get
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but that the themore high-level talks
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today ... as the white house and congressional leaders try to reach agreement to raise the debt ceiling and avoid default president obama is urging americans to put pressure on elected officials to work out a compromise ... >>if you believe we can solve this problem to compromise send a message to your congressman ... >>send a majority harry reid and house speaker john boehner are expected to bring their competing proposals to the floor in the next few days. john banners plan would require about 1.2 trillion dollars in cuts over the next decade and raise the debt ceiling for the end of the year he says that the president has been no help in resolving the stalemate. >>i gave it my all unfortunately the president would not take yes for an answer given and we thought we might be close for an
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agreement the president's demands changed on us ... >>senate majority leader harry reid plan calls for roughly 2.7 trillion dollars in cuts over the next decade in raising the debt ceiling by 2.4 trillion dollars through 2012. >>joining us now is our political analyst paul lisnek host of politics tonight on c l tv ... is a reality that this may not happen on deadline ... >>from what i am understanding they are closer apart than it appears ... i wasn't sure what the purpose of last night's speeches were ...
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>>it sounds as though they are at a gram stop and the plans may be closer than we are being led to believe ... the speaker has accused the president of making this an election issue but from my perspective it seems to be that it's quite the opposite ... the short term reality is aren't going for the republicans either ... >>both sides are saying that they know something has to be done so we know washington is traditionally having tough times when it comes to negotiating on a bipartisan level something will have to go on both sides what are these backroom plans that may give us
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an 11th-hour move is it risky to do this? >>when you look who is livingwinning their argument you have to give it to the tea party republicans ... the president doesn't want a short-term fix he said he would vita that but he did say at last night ... if he truly backs down and doesn't get what he wants what kind of message does that send for the steep party republicans ... there's a need to stand up to them ... i know you're optimistic but what if there's no agreement reached ...
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the american people are the losers here to people at home really grasp what this means? >>social security checks not going out veterans not being paid ... the president ultimately will make the call on those priorities ... he won't leave those people in the lurch ... august 2nd is the deadline the economic markets are going to respond to that and we have to really be concerned with the impact on global markets and interest rates ... >>what if the president pulls the 14 amendment is it a viable
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alternative? >>it's a tough one not viable ... >>it's all about waiting ... it's the 11th-hour but i am still betting on the deal ... >>politics tonight is on c l tv at 6:00 each weeknight ... the day's top business stories coming up next plus or hundreds of job postings unpopular job sites tell the unemployed workers not to apply and later we have the lunch bre
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just days after being mauled by a bear and her cub in alaska and california teenager was back home talking about the attack and the alaskan wilderness to of the teenagers leading the group were ambushed by those attacks martin tried to run away but the grisly grabbed him by the foot and will let him go he says that the grizzly attack his group was enormous ... >>martin says that a few well- placed kick to the grizzly bear's face helped him get away the group then waited for help to arrive over eight hours later one of the four teenagers attacked by the bear remains in serious condition ... >>the united nations is planning airdrops this week to delivery of emergency food supplies to
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southern somalia the u.n. recently regained access to the region after being banned for more than two years by an al- qaeda militant group. officials say that the airlift sorry desperate attempt to get food to the least 175,000 people in the famine zone tens of thousands of people affected by severe droughts have left their homes troweling to nearby kenya and ethiopia in search of food. >>illegal immigrants in california will soon be eligible to attend the state's colleges and universities at in-state tuition rates the governor signed a bill the says anyone including illegal aliens can pay in state tuition rates it they have attended high school in the state for more than three years applicants will have to file paperwork with the college university saying that they have asked for a lawful immigration status or will apply as soon as they're eligible to do so the law will take effect next year
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... >>and new study shows nearly all americans saw their net worth decline during the recession data collected by the u.s. census bureau show median wealth of hispanic households fell by 66 percent from 2005-2009 during that same. the median wealth of whites fell by only 16% 53 percent for african-americans, and 54% for asian households researchers said the declines have led to the largest of disparities in the last 25 years. >>... i'm beejal patel with the bloomberg news report ... investors are getting nervous at the lack of a deal on the debt ceiling in washington there's only seven days left ... turns out the government may have to
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wait weeks to pass the bill if they reach one ... leading banks are saying that the government is collecting more tax revenue than previously estimated and that the treasury department has enough cash flow for two weeks beyond august 2nd ... >>everyone is bracing for the worst-case scenario in the event of default ... illinois 8 is also in danger the state treasurer says that there would be a downgrade of the state's bond gradesrating and municipal bonds and other areas ... >>economists say that there has
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been a deluge of foreclosure and lackluster demand for housing is contributing to the already deep crisis ... the post office is running at of money they say it will close at least fo14 post offices in the chicago area alone ... >>the jobs website has a harsh message for people looking for work hundreds of postings are telling the unemployed that they are less attractive applicants the long- term unemployed should not bother to apply for positions legal experts say that this practice is not against federal
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law but the equal opportunity employment commission says that this could be to skiddiscriminatory to older workers and minorities within the ranks of the long- term unemployed ... >>from happy meal to help female the tweaks that mcdonald' so, what are we going to do with this? i don't know. the usual? [ blower whirring ] sometimes it pays to switch things up. my - what, my hair? no. car insurance. i switched to progressive and they gave me discounts for the time i spent with my old company. saved a bunch. that's a reason to switch. big savings -- it's a good look for you. [ blower whirring ] [blower stops] the safety was off.
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out there with a better way. now, that's progressive.
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you know when something's bad -- but you do it anyway? that's me with the blow dryer and the flat iron until i see smoke. so pantene said, "breakage and split ends? no problem." they gave me this pantene called breakage to strength. [ female announcer ] the keratin protection pro-v system helps prevent then repair split ends. zero fear of breakage 100% more strength. no regrets, just health. i'm not giving up the heat. [ female announcer ] the breakage to strength system from pantene. the number of heat related deaths in cook county has reached 1273 year-old helene sanborn of south suburban dixmore died of heart disease but the cook county medical examiner determined that he stressed was a secondary cause of her death sanborn was found in her home sunday afternoon she
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was pronounced dead at ingalls memorial hospital ... >>rod blagojevich is asking for a third trial the former governor's filed a motion for an appeal claiming that judge james zagel was biased and made errors that help the prosecution and heard this case the 158 page motion says that judge zagel ruled against blagojevich nearly every time wild rubber stamping the government's requests brought accord it also claims that the judge fold him when zagel told him that he could testify that he didn't think he was breaking and lots rod blagojevich was convicted of 17 counts of corruption last month ... >>in an effort to save jobs to city union has agreed to mayor manuals new work rule changes he has threatened to lay off hundreds of workers to close a massive budget gap monica schneider has a live report ... >>mayor emmanuel has been
12:26 pm
calling for proposed work rule changes for unions like the idea that one union has accepted taking a lower rate of overtime pay to umbrella groups for the trade unions of the city presented the mayor with the report that they save finds another way to trim the fat from the budget ... >>we come up with efficiency models because we think the city should be doing it before outsourcing or making more cuts from the existing workers we believe you should be managing the city more efficiently in the
12:27 pm
way that taxpayers demand ... >>among the cost-saving ideas that are being presented to the mayor they say he needs to take a closer look at city management that there are too many supervisors against the ratio of workers ... they are looking for mediate tend to one ratio ... >>middle management deserves review they are right top management deserves review as well as tax dollars spent and service deliver bulls and we will continue to look at this but in spite of this the unions still need to go along with proposed work rule changes because it will have a short- term effect immediately saving
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the city money ... >>the mayor made his remarks on a south side eyesore that is being converted to an agricultural site to produce locally grown food ... >>the mayor says this venture will also help to provide jobs for the neighborhood ... >> another perfect summer day outside tom skilling is next
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it's a gorgeous day outside ... tom is here to tell us that it may not last ... >>it's nice to have a break from that rain. if we did not get another drop through the end of the month this would be the second wettest july on record with nine. 04 inches three and a half times the normal amount here in chicago ...
12:32 pm
there are new storms brewing out there tonight we had air ring of fire which has let up for the moment but it's reestablishing itself producing a cluster of storms that's riding around the perimeter of that blazing hot air over the plains states expanding northward we will become hot and humid in the days ahead ... south dakota is producing a lot of rain storms right now and they are riding on the jet stream ... kansas city oklahoma city and st. louis are having blazingly hot air loaded with moisture temperatures are well into the 90s and reaching triple digits downstagete..
12:33 pm
we have less moisture in the air now though than we did a week ago ... human down to the southwest of the chicago area ... we have moderate pawnupon reading thispollen readings but high mold
12:34 pm
spores out there.. it's 81 degrees at o'hare and at midway ... here in the city we have bright blue skies and in the northwest suburbs it's also quite clear ... we have a powerful jet stream running to the north and storms are moving westward to the east setting up in corridors around this hot air and that will generate big amounts of rain and thunderstorms coming from the west in the days ahead there
12:35 pm
will begin to impact our area ... i a lot is under an excessive heat advisory iowa has won and there are flood warnings in the upper midwest ... it will get him it once againumid once again ... we will have isolated thunderstorms towards the morning ... we're pressure
12:36 pm
keeping the rain out of the way for today ... storm clusters will settle cell from the wisconsin line by tomorrow evening we will have nocturnal thunderstorms spilling into the morning hours thursday and friday they can be heavy rain producers. here is the forecast wednesday night into thursday morning ... rain thursday night into friday ... more rain. i will have the weekend forecast later today mostly sunny and warm in the mid to high eighties lower at the beaches tonight partly cloudy with moderate
12:37 pm
humidity perhaps a thunderstorm and scattered areas into the morning hours ... tamara warm and more humid with scattered storms in the afternoon more likely at night and thursday same thing ... the high of 92 on thursday ... today is a bonus and will take it.. time for today's trivia question who said ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] find yourself sometimes cleaning up ttéwmu.vog#wvs#q(p4á)uog5un(zé4bóá(hi0g6k$'jefpl,[f=aymh:l p[m$ after your dishcloth? tt>ff@m!
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helles hall is open for business and that the long this lockout in nfl history is over. the nfl players association unanimously approved the tenure labor deal yesterday the final step is for the players to recertified as a union in the next week both sides apologize to fans for the lockout but say it's now time to focus on football ... here is the week's schedule the trading. opens today and teams can negotiate with all free agents some training camps start tomorrow but the bears report to bourbonnnais on friday the free agent signing period also starts on friday the bears' first practices on saturday without pads and the team has already decided to cut veteran punter brad maynard ...
12:41 pm
>>the white sox started an important homestand against the first-place detroit tigers it's tied it to in the fifth when carlos guillen doubled down the line to put the white sox up by two runs still up in the seventh when paul konerko hit his 23rd home run of the year his first since the all-star break the white sox 16-3 the cubs had to milwaukee tonight looking for their fourth win in a row. that's a look at sports your live illinois lottery drawing is next ... the pick three winning numbers
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are: 7 4 2 the pick four winning numbers are: 9 5 1 6 $63 million is the mega millions jackpot for tonight be sure to
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get your ticket and good luck
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effective than a cranberry when it comes to preventing a painful infection. many women rely on cranberry juice or supplements to prevent recurrent urinary tract infections but a new study found that low dose antibiotics were about twice as effective as cranberry capsules against u t i when deciding whether to take an antibiotic the authors say that doctors and patients need to balance the patient's comfort against the growing problem of drug-resistant bacteria the study appears in the archives of internal medicine ... crossing the street may be riskier for children with attention deficit
12:46 pm
hyperactivity disorder a study in the journal pediatrics says kids with a d h d are greater risk of being hit by a car because the symptoms begin correct decisions that went across the street and how long it will take to get to the other side 5 percent of children and adults in the u.s. have a ph.d. children with and treated a d h d are at risk for injury substance-abuse social and emotional problems and poor performance in school ... >>are you seven of the 20 top-selling drugs in the united states will lose their patents by the end of 2012 no patiencepatents makes the way for less-expensive generic versions to be made lipotor and products are among the drugs losing their patents ... >>the fda is warning consumers
12:47 pm
of salmonella outbreaks linked to the papayas that are imported from mexico salmonella has been detected in 23 states including illinois so far has caused 97 people become sick they're no reported deaths salmonella symptoms usually show up within six days of infection and can last up to seven days officials are telling consumers not to buy any papayas with an agro-mod produce label sold before july 23rd and if you have any ready for the mount a sealed container >>mcdonald's plans to announce big changes to the happy meal today soda will be replaced by milk and french fries will no longer come standard instead the kids will get a fresh fruit like apple slices are raisins you can still request fries but they will come and a smaller portion company hopes to fight the image of contributing to chow to obesity and also things that parents will feel better about taking their kids to mcdonald's
12:48 pm
the changes go into effect in the spring of next year ... >>
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... shows the recipe you got to date him ... >>we're making a chipotle lime chicken wing ... first start by seasoning with salad oil and some salt and pepper give it a good coating we will bake them in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. the best way to make sure that wings are done poorly is to bake them first and you can add the flavor and before you put them on the grill or continue to cook them
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... itself is chilled before you grill at we are adding to the dressing some lime juice some chipotle seasoning may be little holly pepino if you wanted spicyjalapeno if you want spicy taste i'm having a little bit of water and some honey ... we are
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adding cilantro and that will do it the last minute ... once the sauce@? is blended in your blender ... we are going to take our predate wings for 30 minutes at 3 entered 50 degrees-baked wings for 30 minutesa @ 350 degrees.. and we are going
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and now the answer to today's trivia question: who said real knowledge as to know the extent of one's ignorance? the answer: confucius. we have a beautiful day going with some mixed club covercloud cover.. here in the city the temperature is in the mid-60s scattered storms will develop this afternoon may be one were too late tonight that will go into the morning hours ... the more serious storms could develop more on nine and
12:59 pm
thursday night into friday ... this is worrisome given the rain we had last weekend ... we're looking at maybe two or two and half inches in parts of the area of these are never uniform ... looking ahead to thursday night same thing hot air is expanding back into the area temperatures tomorrow will gain and humidity and hit the nine dayseties.. 91

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